How to Do away with a Skunk

Skunks are normally harmless creatures who understand to steer clear of people; sadly, family pets and also various other wildlife will certainly occasionally attack or provoke them with undesirable results. Skunks can spray approximately 15 feet and also their smell could last for days. If you intend to prevent problems with skunks, several of the most effective methods for how you can eliminate a skunk entail avoidance. Nevertheless, if you currently have this creature living someplace in your lawn, doing away with it can be tricky. Before we go over ways to do away with a skunk, it is very important to keep in mind that they lug rabies as well as you need to never approach them.


As scavengers, skunks are most likely to consume anything they come across; so, if they find food on your property, they are likely to return or perhaps making a home on their own. Because of this, you should spend some time to make certain that rubbish is sealed correctly and that there are no resources of food in your lawn. Never leave pet food outdoors as this will also bring in skunks, and also most likely racoons and also other animals too. Nut, berry, as well as fruit trees might likewise attract them, so make sure to stroll your lawn and also eliminate any type of dropped foods. Spills from bird feeders, bones in your garden compost, as well as Automatic pet feeder reviews easily obtainable sources of water also make your yard much more eye-catching, so remove them.

There are likewise a number of skunk repellents that will keep them from moving right into your yard. While it might not be feasible to obtain consistent outcomes, brilliant lights and also sprinkler systems will generally keep skunks away. Alternatively, industrial and self-made repellents might additionally work. Skunks could not climb up or jump well, yet will certainly fit via openings as small as 4 inches, so barriers should be well constructed.

How to Remove a Skunk

If you are dealing with a skunk that is already residing in your backyard, it is time to locate its den. It is best to do this working from evening when the skunk is out foraging to avoid being splashed or attacked by the skunk. Seal up the entrance to the den with whatever you have available, keeping in mind that skunks need just a small opening. You can likewise wet the skunk den with a pipe, as skunks do not like a wet environment. Similarly, you can spray the den with pepper spray or a business repellent to urge the skunk to leave. Box skunk traps are small sufficient that the skunk could not spray properly. These traps must be baited with scent-laden foods such as sardines, tuna, or canned pet cat food. As soon as caught, you need to call animal control to accumulate as well as remove the skunk.

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